Sexual Revolution: 50 Years Since Humanae Vitae
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ABOUT Springtime Productions


We are a small Catholic creative studio with an inordinate number of successful projects in our portfolio including books, film, music production, live events, theater, sacred art, art restoration, and two full-length documentary films. We stand out as a Catholic production studio that produces real results in the marketplace. Springtime Productions brings together talented people who love working hard to make the Good, True, and Beautiful more visible in powerful ways.

What we Do

Sexual Revolution Movie Poster

Sexual Revolution: 
50 Years Since
Humanae Vitae

The new documentary exploring the outcome of the Sexual Revolution in light of Pope Paul VI’s groundbreaking encyclical on love, sex and marriage and the hope to be found therein.

Replicas of the Original Image of Divine Mercy

Authentic Replicas of The original image of divine mercy

We are the only entity authorized by the Archdiocese of Vilnius (Lithuania) to produce official high-resolution reproductions of this unparalleled work of sacred art.

Original Image of Divine Mercy Documentary

Original Image of Divine Mercy Documentary

Discover  the previously-unknown history of the original masterpiece commissioned by St. Faustina  and the dramatic struggle to preserve the world’s greatest man made work of art.

Divine Mercy Tours Icon

Pilgrimages to vilnius Lithuania Home of The Original IMage

Visit and explore the rich Catholic heritage of the city where Faustina lived during the time of her mystical apparitions and where the Original Image of Divine Mercy was painted. 

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